some food for thought..


human beings create life, food is the source that maintans it-

one cannot do without the other.


We all operate by stereotyping in some way. At least I think so.


Is it an old folk saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?


It has been proven that men are stimulated by sight. And women are stimulated by touch. True or False?


How is this related? Well our eyes and mouths play a very important role in our everyday lives. Food is our main source of energy that propels our minds to create the designs and combinations that speak many different languages on each given plate, which can only be fully translated once consumed. Well at least from a chefs perspective.


My focus through gastronomy is to simply offer a fulfilling journey of a course prepared whether for artistically daring, the many mouthy bounty hunters, or the very simple eaters who just require a balance meal to give them what it is required to take them through their ordinary day.


I am essentially turned on by food, from that one act that brought us all here. All is interlocked some way or another.

Do you agree?