Scallops, Apple & watermelon radish

Seabas Ceviche with Pomegranate & Beetroot dressing

Citrus crusted scallop, safran risotto puree

Heritage carrot garden with yogurt & cumin shards

Safran & spice poached pear, fois gras lollipop, pear salad

Smoked makerel, sweetcorn puree, sour creme & black olive oil

Fois Gras with beer and cherry liquid centre, granola and pistacchio

BBQ fois gras and scallops with baby veg grape fruit and date puree

Peanut dress cauliflower cos cos, langostines, cucumber foam

Scallop carpaccio, apple, cucumber & dill

Turkey `breast with chestnut puree, crystallised currents

Frog legs, iberico ham, garlic & parsley

Confit leeks, truffle potatoes, sour sour cream, pickles and truffle

Jasper burnt spised mandarins with whisky mousse

Breast milk ice-cream, salted pop corn powder & toffee

Seabass ceviche with cucumber spaghetti

Pan fried baby jam, quails egg, pea seeds

Grilled baby fennel, scallops, lime & coriander jelly

Mackerel reilette, beets, pumpkerknickle & oats